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≪JUBAKO ≫three tiers stack box with lid for food


【about JUBAKO】

JUBAKO is a traditional Japanese vessel.

The origin of the JUBAKO is the lunch box for nobles and lords. 

So they are very luxurious.

It is beautiful to look at, it becomes very gorgeous just by placing it on the table.

You can put many kinds of dishes in it.

You can stack them neatly.

By stacking them, you can serve many dishes at once.

Enjoy the surprise of opening the lid and unfolding each tier!

Even when you don't put food in it... 

You can also enjoy it when you put sweets or flowers in it.

Despite the very luxurious, the price is very reasonable.

Dishwasher safe. (Top rack only)

The materials used are upcycled resins such as ABS and PET, which are environmentally recyclable resins, and we also strive to be environmentally friendly for the next generation.




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