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【about us】

In 1809, Kitaichi Yozaemon founded a Urushiware business in Yamanaka Onsen, Ishikawa Prefecture. Since then, KITAICHI SHIKKITEN has been loved by customers as a leading company of japanese urushiware's manufacturer and wholesaler in Japan.

During the reign of Hatsukichi Kitaichi, the fourth generation, 

The company had already been producing lacquerware with an eye to overseas markets since 1933, exhibiting at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, U.S.A. However, the company has consistently produced lacquerware not as decoration or art, but for daily use, as a part of daily life.

In addition to traditional wooden lacquerware, Hiroyuki Kitaichi, the 7th generation mainly produce Modern Laquerware,

*Easy to use

*Easy to clean

*Affordable price 

* Excellent design

The materials used are upcycled resins such as ABS and PET, which are environmentally recyclable resins, and we also strive to be environmentally friendly for the next generation.

We also offer a lacquerware reproduction (NAOSU) business using reliable techniques based on our traditions and history.

We also focus on the business of lacquerware for commercial use.




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